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The First of Three Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Building Your Custom Home

Building a custom home is daunting.  There are thousands of decisions that you must make along the way.

Don’t make them quick enough and it will cost you money.  A Lot Of Money.

Make the wrong choices and it will cost you money.  A Lot Of Money.

Make a mistake on the design team for your house and it costs you money.  A Lot Of Money.

See the pattern.  On the typical custom home, you are left holding the buck.  Anything and everything is somehow blamed on you.  How can that be?  You hired a professional team to take care of you.  It sure seems like they took care of themselves instead.

You can avoid the problem of IT COSTS YOU MONEY…A LOT OF MONEY with the three most important decisions you must make.

First, is the purchase of your building lot.  This decision is HUGE.  Bad choice here and you are behind the 8-ball for the entire project.

There are many factors that go into determining the quality and viability of a building lot.  Proper evaluation is not easy.  Seasoned professionals make the wrong choice more often that you’d imagine.

So, if professionals blow it, how do you have a chance?  Learn the basics to evaluating and purchasing a lot.  And, use a systematic approach.  To help, we’ve developed a guide,

How to Get a Smoking Deal on a Lot

Best of all, it’s FREE.

Make sure to use our guide.  A building lot that appears to be a smoking deal many times is anything but that.  In fact, a lot you are considering may be virtually unbuildable, or only buildable at considerable cost.

Avoid the embarrassment of a bad purchase use our guide and give Will a call at 602.774.4560.

Now that you are on the way to solving one of the biggest problems with your custom home project, what’s next?   Click the following link for the second biggest mistake to avoid in building your custom home. Custom Home Mistake Number Two