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Your Phoenix Custom Home is a culmination of years of your hard work.

You need to be assured that you get the most value for your money. You need a builder and architect with a broad spectrum of housing experience. Designing a custom home that meets your physical needs and desires is the easy part. Meeting all of your goals and making your home affordable to build is the challenge.

Get a licensed architect with extensive experience in construction and production housing. This will make a measurable difference in the value you receive for the money you spend in the construction of your home.

Construction experience provides knowledge in construction sequencing. This saves money by the understanding of how your home really comes together. The framing of your home is its skeletal framework.

There are techniques which save money in construction that have been developed through years of trial and error by production home builders. These techniques are not valid if they compromise the longevity or quality of construction. You need a team that has an in depth knowledge of how to implement these techniques on your custom home.

Using the disciplines of knowledge from construction and architecture are critical for the success of your custom home. That’s where the Dynamic Desert Homes team excels.

See how our considerable experience in architecture, construction, construction management and production housing will make your custom home a success. Give us a call at 602-774-4560 to see how we can help you.